We offer personalized ICT services to SME’s ranging from ERP solutions, Building Networks, Corporate Telephony Solutions, Cloud hosting services to Computer hardware and accessories.

 Our Mission:

“To provide the best converged ICT services to our customers with integrity, know-how and excellence”

Our Vision:

“To take the lead in the ICT sector so that others can find a true role model in East and Central Africa”

 Our Motto:

The customer is king!




Integrity is the bedrock of our company.  We mean what we say and keep our commitments when we talk to our customers, our partners and our teammates. We are consistent and honest.


The Customer

Our customers are the foundation of our business.  We take pride in providing them with quality communications solutions unique to their needs.  We partner with customers to deliver real value.



We value innovation and continuously develop our ability to advance customer solutions in a fast paced world. We have the know-how, skill, expertise, knowledge and experience to offer the customer world class communications solutions.



We take charge of the vision and direction to achieve the collection aspirations of our organisations. We create an environment of mutual respect, appreciation, discipline, passion, sense of belonging, innovation and shared reward.

At 3Ridge, everyone is a leader.



We strive for excellence in all we do.  We are a knowledgeable and skilled team that is at the top of its game. We go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations.




Our key resource is our personnel, who provide the technical expertise required to service our customer’s needs. We employ some of the best technical minds and continuously and rigorously train and test them to enable them acquire the additional skills required to provide service that is comparable in service to first world companies.



We provide services to various sectors of the economy with clients in both the private and public sectors.